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Date: 07/01/2010
Time: 08:00 PM



Xcel Energy Center
Saint Paul, MN
Thu, Jul 1 2010
8:00 PM
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Promotional Photo of the Metal band Tool


Out of the grunge rock era of the 1990's few bands have been able to survive. Tool, the American-heavy rock group has proven to be one of the lucky ones. Tool got their start as a garage band in Los Angles in the early 1990's.


Tool dominated the heavy-metal and alternative metal genres, proving that musicianship was just as important in the new forms of rock. Famous Tool songs include: "Stinkfist", "Enema", "Schism" and " Vicarious". What allows Tool Albums and Tool Songs to stand apart from other heavy rockers is the band's use of odd time signatures, the unique beats give Tool music a sound all of its own.


Tool has also mastered the use of visual arts in performances and music videos. Tool Concerts all utilize an arts director and have creative vision that shape the look of each Tool Tour so that Tool fans enjoy not only an audible masterpiece but have visual counterparts to further the effect of Tool's music.


If you associate Tool with hardware then you have obviously never experienced a Tool Concert live. Buy your Tool Tickets today and change your perception from Tool = hammer to Tool = amazing rock band.

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